Looking For More Screenplays?

Looking For More Screenplays?

The Time Fighter (Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy)

An ex marine and martial art instructor enters a dangerous time traveling and virtual fighting tournament in order to get a cure in the future to save his dying daughter. But he finds himself trapped in a pitiless revolution where the rebellion sees him as the elected who will free them.

Georgia (Female Lead Drama/Faith Based)

A housemaid meets a savage and isolated boy suffering from a strange psychological illness and decides to help him to become a normal person by educating him and leading him to discover the exterior world, while in the same time she has to face the cancer which is killing her daughter.

The Fight (MMA/Drama)

Disguised as a man, an impulsive female mechanic enters an all-male MMA tournament in order to win the prize money to pay for her father's medical bills. As she climbs the tournament ladder, she struggles with self-control as her true identity hangs in the balance. Will her true identity get revealed before the championship match?

Dark Dimension: The Murder Of Sara Malone (Crime/Thriller/Suspense)

A gifted boy gets the ability to see dead people who lead him to their pitiless killers.

The Universal Code (Action/Thriller)

A Russian hacker who lost his memory is tracked by dangerous people who are looking for a top secret disc called "The Universal Code", a program with data which can destroy the world.

American Hostages (Thriller)

Kidnapped by rebels two American journalists try to find a way to escape from their pitiless kidnappers.

American Terror (Thriller)

A man trapped into his own car has a few times to pay a ransom to free himself and his family from a certain death, while a US Marshall tries to help him from exterior.

Dark Line (French True Story Based Thriller)

Dark Line is a true story psycho-drama about an innocent woman who fights for her freedom. Victim of rape in a psychiatric centre and dispossessed of her parents' inheritance, Françoise fights with no mercy to get what is legally for her.

The Story Of George (Romance/Drama)

After the discovery of a brain tumor a man decides to come back to his native village after forty years, leading us to discover a love story between two young people.

Luna: Witch and Demon (Horror/Thriller)

Two school mates enter an abandoned house to play hide and seek, ignoring that an old witch lives there and is looking for two kids to offer the demon she worships.

Saving Beth (Drama/Crime/Heist)

In a last attempt to save her dying daughter, a small town waitress turns to crime with the help of a nefarious friend.

Fame (Faith Based/Drama)

A man decides to leave his hometown in order to be rich. After a pact with evil he gets what he wants but the consequences of his choice are fatal.

Welcome To Tokyo (Action/Comedy)

When two American ex cops find ten million Euros in the toilets of a night club of Tokyo, they meet with the most dangerous Yakuza gang of the city. The most hilarious and pitiless manhunt of the year begins.

House Of Snails (Dark Comedy)

After having killed his wife, a man sentenced to death is led to a strange house called “House Of Snails” where he can get everything but will be struck by a curse if he tries to escape.

Misled (Coming of age action/thriller)

A young girl is sold to a rich man by a sex trafficking organization. She later succeeds to escape and comes back for a vengeance.


The Everywhere Guy (Dramedy)

An egocentric businessman has to live four different lives to know the sense of redemption, love and forgiveness.


The Queen And The Slave (Action/Fantasy)

England 1500. An African female slave has to protect a young Queen against a dangerous conspiracy.

86 Dick & Harry (Action/Crime/Thriller)

A series of pitiless contract killers chase a man who stole his boss’ gold. The man’s meeting with a crazy bride will create an unbelievable story of crime and love.

500 Terrors (Horror/Action)

Five hundred soldiers, used for world war II, are locked in a container after the end of the war and abandoned in the depth of Ontario Lake. Many years later petrol is discovered in the same lake, releasing the five hundred soldiers who prepare for a bloody vengeance.

The Man From The Wooden Box (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Series. Pilot. Slavery has been legalized. Norton Corp. a powerful company recruits African volunteers, promising them a better life. But the truth is that they are dispossessed of their passports and sold as slaves to work for wealthy families. The arrival of a gifted slave in America is going to change everything and create a great revolution.

Psychological (Crime/Thriller)

Female lead series. Pilot. A newly appointed female director has to find the author of the murder of the ex director of the Los Angeles Police Department, while in the same time she has to stop horrible murders happening in the city with the help of her assistant.

LEFT (sci-fi/thriller)

A group of teens with extraordinary power has to fight a series of damned creatures to survive in the woods.